Inside The Beast: US Presidential Limo

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Ever since US President John Kennedy got assassinated in Dallas, US presidents and hopefuls get the full security measure whenever they are traveling. One of the ways to ensure their safety is making sure that their rides are up to the job. In the case of current US President Barack Obama, his presidential limo nicknamed the Beast can be likened to a tank.

The presidential motor pool boasts a dozen reinforced limos and SUVs is composed of at least half a dozen vehicles that reportedly cost more than $1 million each. The cars travel with their own mechanic and a federal agent who is in charge of diagnostics and tools. After JFK got assassinated, the US Secret Service who is in charge of the president’s safety usually bought limos off the lot and fitted them with gizmos and protection. But the cars kept breaking down. It was simply too heavy and as a result the breaks lasted around 2 trips and the transmission frequently failed.

As a result the Secret Service decided to create a presidential limo from scratch. According to a Secret Service Agent, while the limo looks like a limo it is actually a truck designed to look like a limo. He also adds that while the car was built by General Motors in Detroit, there is very little GM left in the vehicle. Even the Cadillac emblem is oversized.

Here are some cool modifications on the Beast:

  • Armor Plating – the Beast is heavy due to armor plating reinforcements. In fact, it is so heavy it is physically impossible for the president to open the door from the inside.
  • Military Grade Armor – featuring a combination of steel, aluminum, titanium and ceramic surrounded by removable fiber glass sheets.
  • Trunk – also reinforced carrying assorted extra weapons, medical equipment including bags of the president’s blood type and an oxygen tank located below the seat for the President’s personal supply.
  • Fuel Tank – armor plated and foam encased for protection from rupture in case of small-arms fire or collisions.
  • Electronics – state of the art communications and fire suppression system. Also features a special locking mechanism.
  • Tires – Special Kevlar reinforced Goodyear tires.
  • Gizmos – special satellite phone that allows the president encrypted access to the Situation Room and Pentagon. It is also capable of video conferencing.

The Secret Service Agent assigned to drive the Beast must undergo an intensive week-long driving test in a special track designed by the Secret Service Academy in Bethesda, Maryland. Here they practice defensive driving, precision driving and high speed cornering.

The Secret Service is sorry to report however that the beast does not have rocket launchers or built-in weapons. The beast also runs on gasoline V8 and not diesel as we originally thought. It can go 3.78 miles on a single gallon of gas, costs $1.8 million and is rumored to weigh around 15,000 pounds (the Secret Service won’t tell). It is almost as expensive as exotic cars like Bugatti and Lamborghini. Too bad there aren’t any Beasts in luxury car rentals in cities that specialize in exotic rentals like Montreal, Edmonton and Ottawa. We would love to give it a test drive.

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Politicians and Their Exotic Cars

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When it comes to getting around town, politicians make wide swerves in the types of cars they drive. While some make a point to be humble with their chosen wheels, choosing economy and energy efficiency over prowess, others seem to not care less and sport around in exotic cars.

Over the years, Canadian Prime Ministers have shown their own flair for exotic cars, often choosing to get behind the wheel of an automobile that not only reflected their own personal style, but also spoke volumes about the state of the nation during the time of their rule.

Sir Wilfrid Laurier

The first Prime Minister to use a car was also one of the most influential in Canadian history. Laurier saw Canada through the turn of the 19th century, when immigration was at a peak and the nation struggled to find its own separate identity from the mother land. His car of choice was the right-side driven Napier, a tribute to his roots and desire to create a nation that valued liberty above all else.

John Diefenbaker

The conservative Diefenbaker stepped down the official car a notch when he took office, opting for a sedate Oldsmobile 88 over the exotic Cadillacs that his predecessors were seen in. Hailing from the newly formed Saskatchewan, his choice in wheels was more relatable to the average Canadian. He also oversaw the official opening of the Trans-Canada highway, making car ownership an even more important part of the nation, and leisurely travel from Vancouver to Montreal possible.

Lester B. Pearson

Universal healthcare, pension plans, the Order of Canada and the flag can all be attributed to Pearson, along with a growing obsession with exotic cars in Canada. He drove around the country in a Ford Frontenac that was decked out in Maple Leaf badges, and gifted the Queen a made in Ottawa amphibious car appropriately named the Penguin. This little exotic never saw much road time, but it certainly made an impression on the monarch.

Pierre Trudeau

Trudeau’s flair will follow his term as prime minister forever. From his sideburns and natty suits to the rose in the lapel and convertible Mercedes Benz, Trudeau was a Canadian politician who was not afraid to defy convention. Nothing manufactured today can rival the beauty of Trudeau’s exotic car, and his family can still be seen riding around in it.


Unlike the rest of us, who have to rent an exotic car to get the thrill for a day, it is the Canadian taxpayer who pays for the Prime Minister’s wheels. It’s for that very reason why politicians may want to consider keeping it toned down to something their constituents could readily afford.

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Whose Side Are You On: Left vs. Right?

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Do you know what makes the world go around?  Have you ever wanted to rule the world? If you have, then it might be useful for you to know that it’s the politics that makes the world go round.  In order to rule the world you must rule the politics which govern it.

In order to do just that it is necessary that you are politically active, involved in everyday questions concerning to our society and deciding upon our fates.  It is not to just necessary for you to vote, that too is necessary, but it is essential that you involve yourself as much as you can into everyday questions which concern yourself, your family, your friends, your community, your fellow citizens, and your entire country, and ultimately the world.

everyvotecountsWhen people think about politics they usually think about two main streams, and those are left wing and right wing.  But things in politics aren’t necessarily always black and white.  Some people believe that because of these dichotomy things in politics served to separate people into two main categories, which are mutually exclusive, two polarities which separate people into left or right.

However, this is not precisely the case.  Politics is much more complex than that.  Concerning some questions you may feel more inclined to the left or it to the right, or find yourself somewhere in between.  Libertarians, usually finds their opinions among both of these, but do in fact only support the leaders and the liberty which each person should have.

For example, concerning economic freedom, the left might hold of the opinion that the economy should be governments regulated, whereas the rights and believes that economic freedom is essential to any society.  For a libertarian, economic freedom makes more sense than government regulated economy, since even use more freedom to the people.

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On a different example, concerning the question of church and the state, the right wing holds the opinion that taxpayers should fund faith-based charities, whereas the left wing believes that the church and the state should be separated.  For a libertarian, separation of church and state makes more sense, which basically means that it’s the left wing opinion.

politics1As you can see from the given examples libertarians do not choose a specific political current which encompasses all their opinions.  Instead, they choose the best out of each.  They choose the opinions and beliefs which are most beneficial for the majority of people and which guarantees their liberties.  Therefore, libertarians often fight for personal freedom, economic freedom, non-interventionist foreign policy, respect for others property rights as well as tolerance of other’s property rights, civil liberties and privacy, individual right to keep and bear arms, separation of church and state, advancement based on individual ability and robust national defense.

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